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Merchandise & Apparel Store

Hayes and Co operate a Rural Merchandise and Country Apparel store at Silverdale in South East Queensland.

Silverdale Rural Store

Trading Hours:

8am to 4.30pm Monday-Friday

9am to 2pm Saturday

Call: 07 5463 8099

Rural Merchandise Sales

Zack Marshall

Zack Marshall

5463 8099

0491 219 348

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Silverdale Country Apparel store

Our new Silverdale Country Apparel store and Rural Merchandise shed is now open.
Call in and view our range of:-

  • Cinch, Wrangler, Ariat, Mongrel – jeans, shirts & boots
  • Poison Anvil gift wear – candelabras, boot jacks, hat racks, cup stands etc
  • Sunbody Hats and Big Country Toys
  • Montana jewellery, wallets and gift wear line

Gift Vouchers available.  Gift wrapping upon request.

Trading Hours: 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday-Friday

9am to 2pm Saturday.

Horse Tack

We cater for horse owners with a range of Horse rugs, fly veils, halters, lead ropes, wormers etc.

Olsson’s Block Range

Available ex stock.

Click here to view block range : Olssons Block Range
Click here to view Pasture Guide : Olssons Implementation Guide for Cattle

Tickicides & Wormers

Oztik (25g/l Fluazuron) Available in 2.5L, 5L & 15L.
Tik Bos (25g/l Fluazuron) Available in 2.5L, 5L & 20L.
Moximax (5g/l Moxidectin)   Available in 2L, 5L & 15L.
Cydectin (5g/l Moxidectin) Available in 500ml, 2L, 5L & 15L.
Cattlemax (5g/l Ivermectin) Available in 1L, 2.5L, 5L & 20L.
Dectomax (5g/l Doramectin) Available in 5L.
Cattleguard (5g/l Moxidectin) Available in 5L.
INJECTABLES: Cydectin 500ml, Cydectin Long Acting 200ml & 500ml, Dectomax 500ml.
POWDERS: Taktic WP (500g/kg Amitraz), Amitik WP (500g/kg Amitraz). Deals also available – Tik Dip Bucket (5x500gm),  Amitik Wheelie Bin Promo (5x500gm + 5x10kg lime).
SPRAYS: Taktic EC (125g/l Amitraz) Available in 400ml & 2L.  Amitik EC (125g/l Amitraz)  Available in 400ml & 2L.  Barricade S (Cypermethrin, Chlorfenvinphos)  Available in 800ml & 5L.

Livestock Husbandry & Welfare

We stock a range of products to assist with your livestock husbandry & welfare.

Livestock Management
  • Management tags
  • Stock prodders
  • Vaccines, applicators and needles
  • Burdizzos, Jumbo and Small Expanders
  • Small Marking Ring Applicators & rings to suit
  • Scalpel handles & blades
  • Small & large dehorners
  • Tippers, dehorning knives, wire & handles.
Livestock Husbandry
  • Cattle wormers
  • Cattle tickicides (pour-ons, injectables & sprays)
  • Buffalo fly control – tags, pour-ons, sprays, back rubbers & oil
  • Contact the office to order your NLIS tags – cattle, sheep & goats.
  • Antiseptic powders, sprays & aerosols.
Feeds & Suppliments
  • Mill Run
  • Cottonseed Meal
  • Calf crumbles & pellets
  • Milk Replacer
  • Feeders & replacement teats
  • Dry feed blocks
  • Mineral & trace element blocks.

Companion Animal Products

DOGS – Adult Dry & Wet Foods (assorted varieties), Tick Collars, Tick & Worming Chews, Puppy worming suspension.
CATS – Pellets (assorted varieties)
BIRDS – Sunflower Seed & Wildbird Mix
HORSES – Wormers & Pastes, Vet Flex Bandages, pony pellets.
POULTRY – Fine Layer Mash & pellets, Pullet Grower pellets, mixed poultry grains, chick starter.

Vermin Control

Rat & Mice Pellets, Pastes, Cages & Blocks, Fly control, Termiticides.

Rainwater tanks & troughs.

We stock Rapid Plas rainwater tanks and troughs.

Tankmakers – Australian owned and manufactured.  Manufactured from extremely tough but flexible polyethylene.  No centre pole, no stand required.   Specify at time of order, overflow and outlet positions.  Available in 26 different colours.   Approximately 10 days lead time.   “Click on actual Tank Flyer to enlarge for ease of viewing.”

Herbicides and Wetters

We stock a range of Herbicides & Wetters in 1, 5 & 20 litres.
Amicide Advance 700 & Joker 625; Dimethoate, Glyphosate products, Grazon Extra, Hot Shot, Kamba M, Militia (Metsulfuron), Scrubba, Strafe, Verdict, Task Force etc