Silverdale Store Sale – Saturday 19th Jan 2019

Approx 200 Head of cattle are expected for the Silverdale Store Cattle Sale on Saturday 19th January 2019, with good buyer inquiry.

Note: Numbers break up and description will be updated here up until the Friday before the sale Or click here to like the Hayes & Co facebook page and get notifications or significant changes to sale numbers.

— Approx 200 HEAD EXPECTED —

9 Droughtmaster steers18 months 
6 Limousin cross steers14 months 
10 Droughtmaster steers12 months 
10 Droughtmaster steersYearlings 
10 Droughtmaster Heifers12 months 
10 Droughtmaster HeifersYearlings 
2 Droughtmaster Cows  
7 Brangus Cows and CalvesCalves by Black Limousin Bull 
Special lines below Acc BreederThese special lines have been pre-treated for ticks, Vendor is a J-Bas 7 Status. 
2 Charbray cows & heifer calves at foot Calves 3-4mthsPolls
1 Purebred Red Brahman cows & heifer calfPolls
1 Purebred Red Brahman cows & bull calf Polls
3 Purebred, Registered, Red Brahman heifersYearlingsAccount breeder


Curfew for Live-weight cattle — 7PM Friday evening

Curfew for store cattle —  8am Saturday morning (Please note, time change – was previously 9am)

Commencing at 12 Noon.

Call one of our sales team to discuss or make a booking or use the form to book now.

Silverdale Saleyards

Hayes & Co Pty Ltd

07 5463 8099

07 5463 8070

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Manager / Auctioneer

Peter Hayes

Owner/Manager/Senior Auctioneer/Sales: Covers all sales in SEQ and North Qld

0418 755 732

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Senior Auctioneer / Sales

Craig Bell

Senior Auctioneer / Sales: Covers all sales in SEQ

0417 434 095

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Auctioneer / Sales / Clearing Dip

Landon Hayes

Trainee Auctioneer/Sales/Clearing Dip (Silverdale): Covers all sales in SEQ

0448 052 187

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  • Please give us a brief description of your cattle including a break up of numbers. Example Numbers, Breed, Sex and Age

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