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Saturday 20th August 2016

Livestock Agent – Hayes & Co conducted the Sarina Store Cattle Sale on Saturday 20th August.  A larger Yarding of good local cattle sold to a firm market on the previous sale.

Some of the highlights included:

In the Steer section: Ian Shay of Yalbaroo sold charbray steers 30mths for $1350.00. Shaztatts Pty Ltd of East Funnel Creek sold a brahman steer 24mths for $1140.00.  Rodney McCallum of Sarina sold charbray steers 20mths for $1100.00.  Calvin Kelly of Bowen sold grey brahman steers 18mths for $1080.00. Rohan Shay of Yalbaroo sold droughtmaster steers 15mths for $1000.00.  Steven Bush of Sarina sold belmont red steers 15mths for $900.00.  Alan and Karen Perry of Sarina sold charbray steers 14mths for $870.00.  David Muir of Habana sold Droughtmaster steers 15mths for $930.00. Alexander Curtis of Koumala sold brahman steers 12mths for $820.00.  Linthwaite Family of Koumala sold a line of brangus weaner steers with the top pen making $780.00.  Andrew Jorgensen of Proserpine sold droughtmaster cross steers 12mths for $800.00. Gordon Hall of Notch Point sold a line of bazadais cross weaner steers with the top pen making $700.00 . Michael Maunder of Yukan sold simbrah cross weaner steers for $720.00. Donny Blyton of Calen sold brahman steers 8mths for $800.00. Annie Howland of Notch Point sold brangus weaner steers for $660.00. Mark Stranger of MTS Grazing of Koumala sold brangus cross steers 10mths for $750.00.

In the Heifer Section: Rohan Shay sold a line of heifers 15 to 18mths with a pen of brangus heifers making $1020.00 and the droughtmaster heifers making $990.00 and the charbray heifers making $940.00. Warcon & Watts of Ashfield Station of Guthalungra sold a pen of grey brahman heifers 15mths for $950.00 with a pen of grey brahman weaner heifers making $720.00. Alexander Curtis sold red brahman heifers 15mths for $900.00. Gordon Hall sold bazadais weaner heifers for $690.00.

In the Cow Section: Warcon & Watts sold a line of PTIC grey and red brahman cows with the top pen of red brahman cows making $1350.00 and the top pen of grey brahman cows making $1270.00. Ian Shay sold droughtmaster cows for $1200.00.  Mt Funnel Past Co of Koumala sold brahman cows for $1100.00.


Please note:  The next Hayes & Co Sarina Store Cattle Sale is on Saturday 10th of September at 10am.

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