Saturday 12th November 2016

Livestock Agent – Hayes & Co conducted the Sarina Store Cattle Sale on Saturday 12th November 2016.  A smaller yarding of local cattle sold to a very firm market on the previous sale.


Some of the highlights of the sale:

In the steer section: Tony Eastwick of Kuttabul sold brangus steers 15mths for $1200.00.  Allan Horne of Undercliff, Nebo sold droughtmaster cross steers 18mths for $1200.00 and he sold a younger pen of droughtmaster steers for $1100.00.  Robert McLeod of Nebo sold brangus weaner steers for $990.00.  Calvin Kelly of Bowen sold brahman cross weaner steers for $810.00.  David Somerfield of Koumala sold charbray cross weaner steers for $690.00.  Brad Williams of Proserpine sold brahman weaner steers for $670.00.


In the female section: Wayne Coyne of Proserpine sold brahman cross heifers 12-15mths making up to $840.00.  Emma Banks of Proserpine sold red brahman heifers 10-12mths making up to $800.00.  Robert McLeod sold brangus weaner heifers for $850.00.  David Somerfield sold charbray weaner heifers for $690.00.  Drangfield Pty Ltd of Bowen sold weaner brahman heifers up to $650.00. Drangfield Pty Ltd sold brahman cows and calves for $1120.00.  Wayne Coyne sold droughtmaster cows for $960.00.  Calvin Kelly sold a jersey cow for $1230.00 with a friesan heifer for a $1025.00.


Please note:

The last Hayes & Co, Sarina Store Cattle Sale is on Saturday 10th December at 10am, Curfew is on the Friday at 8pm.  Your bookings and attendance are highly recommended!


Season Greetings: We would like to wish all our clients a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and green New Year!


First sale for 2017: Saturday 28th January


Thinking of selling or buying cattle?

Please contact Eileen Falzon or Peter Hayes if you would like to sell at our next sale.

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