Boonah Store Cattle Sale – Saturday 9th June 2018

There is 600 head now booked for the Boonah Store sale on this Saturday the 9th June 2018. Further bookings for this sale are still being taken and recommend. If you have cattle for this sale please book them now allow for advertising and advising buyers.

Note: Numbers break up and description will be updated here up until the Friday before the sale Or click here to like the Hayes & Co facebook page and get notifications or significant changes to sale numbers.


Bookings still open and recommended

10 Charbray steers20 months
25 Droughtmaster cross steers20 months
12 Charolais cross steers18 months
25 Droughtmaster cross steers18 months
15 Santa cross steers14 months
40 Charbray steers10 monthsAcc JE&MM Wyatt
10 Charbray steers10 monthsAcc Wyatt Pastoral
15 Simbrah cross steers8 – 10 monthsAcc Eleanora Pastoral Trust
5 Speckle Park cross steers10 months
10 Brangus cross steers8 months
5 Droughtmaster cross steers8 months
5 Limousin cross steers8 months
10 Euro cross steers6 monthsAcc Breeder
15 Brangus heifers24 monthsPTIC Black Limo Bull
12 Simbrah heifers30 months
50 Brahman heifersNumber 6’sVery Good Quality
30 Brahman heifersNumber 7’sVery Good Quality
40 Santa heifers14 months
20 Charbray heifers10 monthsAcc JE&MM Wyatt
10 Chabray heifers10 monthsAcc Wyatt Pastoral
20 Brangus heifers10 months
10 Speckle Park cross heifers10 months
5 Limousin cross heifers8 months
5 Euro cross heifers6 monthsAcc Breeder
5×5 Senepol cows with Droughtmaster calves
10×10 Brahman cross cows & calves


Curfew 8am Saturday morning

All cattle will be sold open auction.

Sale Starts at 12 noon.

Call one of our sales team to discuss the line up, ask a question or make a booking, or use the form to book now.

Silverdale Saleyards

Hayes & Co Pty Ltd

07 5463 8099

07 5463 8070

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Manager / Auctioneer

Peter Hayes

Owner/Manager/Senior Auctioneer/Sales: Covers all sales in SEQ and North Qld

0418 755 732

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Senior Auctioneer / Sales

Craig Bell

Senior Auctioneer / Sales: Covers all sales in SEQ

0417 434 095

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Auctioneer / Sales / Clearing Dip

Landon Hayes

Trainee Auctioneer/Sales/Clearing Dip (Silverdale): Covers all sales in SEQ

0448 052 187

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  • Please give us a brief description of your cattle including a break up of numbers. Example Numbers, Breed, Sex and Age
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