2018 RNA Paddock To Plate Competition


Australia’s richest beef supply competition 

The RNA Beef Committee is pleased to advise entries are now open for the 2018 RNA Paddock to Palate Competition presented by Mort & Co. Held in conjunction with the 2018 Royal Queensland  Show (EKKA), the competition offers a prize pool of $46,000 across various categories.

Now in its 21 st year, 2018 will once again see the competition begin with the feedlot  phase being conducted at one of Australia’s largest and most feedlots, Mart & CO’s Grassdale Feedlot at Dalby.

Recognised as the beef supply chain competition to enter, the competition entices leading end product and customer focused beef producers to accept the challenge that this event poses. Entry numbers will be capped so competitors are advice to get their entries in early.

Breed Societies will be eager to promote this competition amongst members and put their breed promotional and marketing spiels to the test in this encompassing feed chain competition.


The Paddock to Palate Competition is three phased:

   1 st Phase     Class 37 – 100 Day Feedlot Competition and Class 38 – 70 Day  Feedlot

Competition; for best aggregate weight gain for a pen of six steers

   2nd Phase    Carcass Competition for best aggregate pen

   3rd Phase    MSA Eating Quality Competition, where MSA Grading models predict eating quality of 40 muscles by 6 different methods



The RNA recognises Mort & CO for their assistance in the Paddock to Palate Competition and the conduct of the weight-gain competition at the Grassdale Feedlot Dalby.


The RNA appreciates the assistance of JBS Australia Pty Ltd for the conduct of the Carcass Competition and for purchasing the steers.


The RNA acknowledges the assistance of the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) for the conduct of the Eating Quality Competition.


We would like to tank the following sponsors for their generous donation: Elanco, Zoetis, Vibac and Zee Tags,

Competition Information


Weight Gain Maximum 35pts

(per head)

Carcass Competition Maimum 110pts

(per head)

MSA Eating quality 10pts per animal

Based on MSA Index score

1. Key dates: (see schedule for further information)

100 Day Feedlot Competition – Class 37

Nomination close                                         Friday 19 January 2018

Delivery of animals to Mort & CO            Monday 26 February 2018

Grassdale Feedlot                                         2018

Commencement of feedlot competition   Tuesday 6 March 2018

70 Day Feedlot Competition – Class 38

Nomination close                                          Friday 2 February 2018

Delivery of animal to Mort & CO               Monday 26 March 2018

Commencement of feedlot competition   Friday 6 April 2018

Feedlot competition concludes – final weighing

Class 37: Thursday 17 June 2018

Class 38: Friday 15 June 2018

Feedlot viewing and announcement of weight gain winners

Tuesday 19 June 2018

Processing of the Cattle

Class 37: Wed 20 June 2018

Class 38: Thurs 21 June 2018

Presentation of Awards , Brisbane Showgrounds

Friday 10 August 2018

2. Entry Fee per pen is: 

Entry Fee per pen per class

Class 37 – 100 days

RNA Members       $195 Online        $200   Non Online

NON Members      $215 Online        $220   Non Online

Class 38 – 70 days

RNA Members        $195 Online        $195   Non Online

NON Members       $215 Online        $220   Non Online

3. As per Mort & CO feedlot requirements, all cattle must have 2.0 mls of Bovi-Shield MH-One vaccine, 7-14 days prior to the delivery of the animals in class 37 (100 day fed) 7- 44 days prior to the delivery of the animals in class 37 (70 day feed) to the Grassdale Feedlot. If you are entering cattle in both class 37 and 38 then the timing of vaccination has been made flexible enough to allow you yo administer the same bottle of vaccine for both classes on the same. The product will be cold pack couriered to your nominated address on acceptance of your entry.

4. Maximum of 3 entries/pens per class per exhibitor.

Entry weight of steers in Class 37 at arrival MUST BE LESS THAN 420KG. Please pay special attention to this weight range as exhibitors will be give 0 points for weight gain if above this range. Exhibitors with multiple entries are requested to cleary identify individual pens if they are to be drafted into particulars groups.

5. All entries to consist of a pen  of 7 steers, with the best 6 being judged in the competition. If for any reason there are less than 6 head at the time of judging, the entry will be disqualified.

6. All steers must be delivery on the nominated dates above and will be inducted to the paddock until the steers are weighed at the commencement of the feedlot trial. Steers arriving after the nominated arrival dates will be disqualified and unable to participate in the competition.

7. Mort & CO will contact Exhibitors to coordinate freight from central pick up locations through Farmhaul at a cost to be advised. Exhibitors will be responsible for all feedlot and transport costs, with billing arrangements deducted from final carcase payments.

Download Competition Flyer 1

Download Competition Flyer 2



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